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At EME Architects we believe in the power of ideas. We believe in architecture that springs from user needs, that is sensitive to its surroundings, pays special attention to detail and respects historical styles. We do not believe in design prevalence over program and function and feel there is an overly widespread tendency by architects to "leave their mark" at all costs.

The best architecture is the one that makes use of great the simple materials. There are no poor materials, just poorly used materials. We seek a balance between the natural and the artificial, between the ephemeral and the eternal; a contrast flowing towards integration. This relationship, charged with complexity and contradiction, allows us to work on each new project from highly sensitive point of view and with enough intelligence to imagine new ideas without distorting underlying functionality.

We evaluate design problems like a complex puzzle using an integrated, team-based philosophy, and then optimize strategies and solutions with an interdisciplinary mind set. Based on this powerful process of team discovery and analysis, we generate elegant, efficient designs and solutions that exceed our client’s aspirations and exceptionally serve our user needs.

We believe in user-sensitive urban planning that promotes a rational, but above all sustainable, growth. We favor a moderate growth system with a focus on renewal rather than out-of-control expansion. There is better sustainable urban development that the one that reuses ground instead of consuming it.

Urban planning and development should be alive and flexible to meet the needs of the moment and of the moments to come. Quality of life begins with planning, not with the house where you live or the services or products that you have at hand. Without proper planning there are no good second steps. With good planning comes good and efficient city.  Planning therefore occupies a special place in our way of working.

We understand architecture affects and changes people's lives, but believe that it is not something that should be imposed. Architectural changes in cities cannot be aggressive.

EME is dedicated to design excellence integrating function, aesthetics, sustainability and cost criteria. We collaborate with clients, consultants and contractors to plan and implement projects as a seamless and highly effective team.

STEVE JOBBS - “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work" ... and that's what we do in EME. We don't work on something, we work for something.


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