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Elena Jimenez - The Boss - EME Architects  

Elena Jimenez, founder and Senior Architect of EME Architects, has been the central force of the studio since its beginnings in 2002. Holding a Masters degree in Architecture and several national and international awards, she approaches design with a zest for simplicity and subtle personal style that always seeks to add something unexpected. She manages her projects, team and business like a well-oiled machine and is responsible for the long list of projects EME has produced over the last decade.

¨Architecture is a balance between form and function and the crappy budget that you´re given¨ - Elena Jimenez -

A restless and versatile person, her openness and directness has enabled her to integrate herself into every country in which she has lived. Her main strengths are the special attention she pays to detail, the love and care she puts into everything she does and her deity-like organizational abilities. Irresponsibility and un-ethical behavior really grind her gears and are never tolerated. She is, above all, a positive, direct and firm person who grows steadily stronger under adversity. Her empathy, social commitment and level of involvement in everything she touches are bonuses to her exceptional work ethic. When she sets her mind on something, she simply can't rest until it´s been accomplished.

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