We propose to develop the urban fabric and work in detail using the principal resources and tools available. We believe that planning and sustainability should be inseparable and we develop these areas from the criteria of sustainability.  Planning, management and sustainable governance are paramount.  The need for sustainable urban development in fragile areas is especially great; requiring a detailed planning base, sensitive to the historical context, without ever ignoring the environmental impact.

  • Preparation and management of urban planning for all levels of planning
    • Partial Plan
    • Isolated Action Project
    • Integrated Action Project
    • Detail study
    • Interior zoning renovation project
  • Study and environmental impact assessment. Statement of Community Interest
  • Segregation projects
  • Studies of recovery and rehabilitation of historic centers
  • Zoning and sub-division projects
  • Research and development projects. Development of specific infrastructures in specific areas such as playgrounds, promenades, plazas and street furniture in the urban landscape




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