Crisis Management

TECHNICAL ADVICE AND LEGAL ACTION. We provide an ongoing advisory service to individuals and developers leading to the resolution of critical situations, as well as a rescue service in cases requiring negotiation processes in conflict resolution.

PROJECT & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. We do economic and feasibility studies, financial forecasts, and we help our clients achieve maximum control over the cost, quality and lead time of the project, either from the timely advice to total management of labor.

LICENSING AND REPORTS FOR PUBLIC ENTITIES. We deal with your building and / or environmental permits, tracking the status of the applications as well as the installment payments. We will advise you of your options in construction regulation infringement cases and draft specific projects to resolve specific situations, such as business licensing, legalization projects, handicapped friendly renovations, etc..

TECHNICAL BUILDING INSPECTION. We perform the legally required ITE on your property and do a thorough analysis and subsequent pathologic diagnosis, with concrete proposals on performance measures that are necessary to adopt.

FORENSIC ARCHITECTURE. We do reports, certificates, opinions and appraisals, with analysis and study of pathological conditions, as well as land and property valuations.

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