Our multidisciplinary team, so vital to success in the modern market, offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of all types of clients. We aim to respond effectively to each technical problem that a design or architectural project or construction process can present in their various forms, both overall and in any of the phases in its development.

COMPLETE ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS. At EME we understand that there is no better way to do things right than to do them yourself. The complete service is our priority and our specialty.  At all phases of the process we have a complete team that leaves no loose ends. We work from the first sketches to the final design and construction management of the project, whether it is residential, administrative, heath care centered, commercial or industrial.

REHABILITATION AND RESTORATION. We believe that rehabilitation should always include the renewal of thermal and acoustic properties. For this reason we always inform and advise our clients on the benefits of this type of rehabilitation. We adapt the building to the user´s needs, valuing quality without losing sight of sustainability.

INTERIOR DESIGN. Architecture in detail. Advice and interior design projects as needed.

ADVICE AND CONTACT WITH OTHER PROFESSIONALS. We provide a continuous advisory service in all phases of the job and can put you in contact with all types of professionals associated with the industry.

SURVEYING AND 3D MODELS. We create drawings of existing buildings to exacting actual measurement. We can also produce accurate 3D modeling, both in existing buildings and in new one in which we are working; a very useful tool to clearly understand and comunicate the space.


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